Urban dictionary

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Urban dictionary is a website where people can write their own definitions of certain words or phrases wether they are real or made up on the spot the definitions are usually made to take the piss out of something or just completely random/out of place for what you would expect from a normal dictionary

Some examples of this from Urban Dictionary include

Dragon Ass: 

A state of sluggishness, inactivity, and apathy usually brought on by an extended period of hard work

This has been a such a long day. I’ve got a bad case of dragon ass

Lan Party:

A party where people bring their own computers, hook them up, and game all night long with each other. Also involves mass consumption of caffeine and junk food

I can’t wait to pwn everyone at tonight’s lan party

Toilet Mummy:

When someone is so concerned about toilet seat germs, they cover the seat with half a roll of toilet paper, leaving it to appear like it has been mummified

I was going to use that stall to drop a deuce, but somebody left it looking like a toilet mummy

Despite the primarily false information or information that takes the piss out of a topic Urban Dictionary still has some genuine answers as if it were a real dictionary though this is rare to see. The site also sells merchandise with the words and definitions on them, items include mugs, badges and t-shirts, since there are countless words and even more definitions for each word it is most likely that each product is custom made for the person ordering

Sierra mist natural

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Recently something I have noticed has become more common are adverts before videos on the internet. One advert I saw while waiting for a video on cinemassacre.com was for Sierra mist natural, the advert is 10 seconds long and a voice over states that Sprite is filled with artificial preservatives while Sierra mist natural doesn’t and is made with real sugar, all natural

I was stunned at how an advert like this could even exist as there are many rules in advertising which state that you can not defame another product, person or place for the benefit of what you want to advertise. i.e. You couldn’t have an advert for Burger King saying ‘ Come to Burger King becaucse our burgers are better than McDonald’s ones

I would be interested in learning how this advert has not been taken off the internet or wether there are different rules on what you can and can’t defame online


The strangest sign

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Do not ask for credit as a smack in the mouth often offends

In a fish and chip shop in Greenwich there is a sign which I have never seen before, please do not ask for credit as a smack in the mouth often offends

This sign just amazes me on so many levels. First of all I didn’t think many people did ask for credit, i have certainly not seen it. Whats stranger is that the owners of the shop aren’t even being polite about asking for no one to ask for credit, would they actually smack someone in the mouth if someone crossed that line?

Next problem I see is that the wording of the sentence doesn’t make sense, who does the smack in the mouths offend? The owners of the restaurant? Other customers? I dont think it would offend anyone but even if it did its not exactly the receivers fault that they were struck by an angry boss

What I find the most interesting about this sign is how despite all its unique features someone must have designed this and another person wether he liked it or not had it made, most likely in small – mid production quantities for sale to businesses. Which bring us to the last point, where do you buy these offensive signs that dont make sense and why would you want one either. A big mystery that will probably never be solved and a sign that will most likely never be seen in another shop ever again, this sign to my knowledge is one of a kind

What the Firebox!

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what the firebox

As some of you may or may not know Firebox.com is a website dedicated to gadgets, the majority of their products are reasonably cheap and fun to own such as the bilibo, morphsuit and glow in the dark loo roll. A while back they started introducing more expensive products to their range although these ones were more to do with good design and function and therefore had a reason to be more expensive.

octopus chair

The latest range they have introduced a few months ago is a collection of expensive products to buy. These new expensive products include the famously designed octopus chair for £35000, a replica of the Batmobile for £120,000 which is allowed to be driven on the road and a Moller Skycar M400 priced at £324,000 which is a car that can levitate and fly several meters off the ground, unfortunately it is not yet available as it is still being made but it has been rumoured to be on sale in 2012.

Dominic Wilcox

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Recently I have found out about a designer called Dominic Wilcox from Wired.com, I looked at some of the idea he had on his website and they are unbelievable. Not necessarily in the good way though. To give everyone a better understanding of how mind works here are three of his designs I picked at random.

dominic wilcox - 2

Almost instantly you should be able to tell what kind of an idea this is. From the looks of it it seems bad as no-one would ever purchase giant lasers to shoot phones and even if they did how would they make sure not to hit anyone else. When you get past that though it is easier to see what he was thinking, he doesn’t like when mobile phones go off during a busy event and wanted to create something that would put a stop to it.

Although it is not a common problem the way Dominic Wilcox solved it shows you how his mind works, he has a wacky side to his mind and is not afraid of letting people know about it, he tries to show a way to solve problems which are almost unsolvable or at least annoying when they happen although the next idea is not so much a problem being solved but an ideal scenario.

dominic wilcox - 3

The 24 hour sleeper sounds like an amazing idea if you were to have a clone, just the thought of being able to experience life with all the missing hours that you have sleeping would be amazing but yet in reality it of course would never work. This type of idea he has are more like what he wishes could be possible being solved in a wacky way. The final idea though is a perfect visual representation of love in its three stages.

dominic wilcox - 4

Stage 1 – I like you. Stage 2 – I love you. Stage 3 – I loved you.

To me this is an amazing piece as the furniture sums up which stage of the relationship you are in with your partner, although once again this would not something that would ever see the light of day as it doesn’t seem to solve any real problem.