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As we all know a woman’s eggs and a man’s sperm only stays effective up until a certain point (usually late 30s to early 40s) but what if there was a way to not have your body hinder your ability to create life? Earlier on in the year I came across a pop-up exhibition based around fertility in the not so distant future and a conceptual way of how women can freeze their eggs.

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By collecting several batches while women are still fertile and preserving them in a ‘frozen-like’ state women can take comfort in knowing that they can have a baby whenever it’s convenient for them, not their biological clock. How this differs to current freezing technology is that the eggs are preserved in capsules that are made to look like perfume bottles and women have the ability to keep them at home as a way of reminding them that they are in charge of their own bodies.

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While the technology behind this still remains a concept it’s a concept that isn’t too far away from coming real, whether it’s adopted by society as a new standard is a different question but one that the exhibition aimed to start a dialogue about so we’re prepared when the technology and thus the choices emerge.


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If you’ve ever tried to create fluid drawings and illustrations on the computers you will have noticed pretty quickly that a mouse is not the right option and instead opt for a stylus/tablet combo. While this might suffice for some people, having to switch from natural drawing with a stylus to structured clicking around menus can make the creation process feel a bit disorienting.

BrushKnob is an Indiegogo project by industrial designer Wataru Kami that makes your creation your workflow more seamless and intuitive simply twist the knob to increase the size of your selected brush or press it down to change to another brush. BrushKnob doesn’t need any specials protocols or drivers in order to, simply plug it in via USB and you’re ready to get started.

While the device may seem rather limited in functionality, for digital artists that need that extra boost to their creation workflow no other device can offer such a simple, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Vans X Nintendo

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While Nintendo is well known for their video game systems (especially the NES and Super Nintendo) one area they have rarely if ever been seen in is the area of fashion. In collaboration with Vans Nintendo has brought out a series of clothing ranging from shoes and socks all the way to shirts and hats featuring classic 8-bit designs.

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What’s nice to see is that instead of just plastering a logo or sprite onto a t-shirt and calling it a day it’s clear that Vans have had some creative input into the final products as well. While you absolutely are buying yourself a nice little slice of nostalgia thanks to Vans you’re also getting a genuinely fashionable product that you’ll be pleased to wear in public.

Lift Hook

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Lift Hook is recent Kickstarter campaign to turn the age-old problem of bicycle storage on its side, literally. This special hook is designed to support your bike up against a wall while looking nice and not taking up too much space. Unlike other bike hooks though Lift is marketed as a multi-use bike hook capable of holding any weight up to 25KG whether that be a heavy rucksack full of food shopping or a wet umbrella you need to let dry.

The campaign has a little under 2 weeks to go and is well on it’s way to its rather modest goal of £10,000.

Technology Will Save Us: Mover Kit

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In an effort to bring wearable technology to kids startup company Technology Will Save Us has created the Mover Kit, a watch-like device that kids can build and code themselves. The Mover Kit comes packed with a motion sensor, compass and RGB LEDs or as they call them “Rainbow lights” all of which can be easily manipulated through an easy to use interface which teaches them the basic concepts of coding.

Within a few days, the Mover Kit reached its initial goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter, not only that, unlike most other crowdfunded project the device will be available within just 1 month of its funding to ensure that kids can have fun with wearable tech during their summer holidays.