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If you’ve ever tried to create fluid drawings and illustrations on the computers you will have noticed pretty quickly that a mouse is not the right option and instead opt for a stylus/tablet combo. While this might suffice for some people, having to switch from natural drawing with a stylus to structured clicking around menus can make the creation process feel a bit disorienting.

BrushKnob is an Indiegogo project by industrial designer Wataru Kami that makes your creation your workflow more seamless and intuitive simply twist the knob to increase the size of your selected brush or press it down to change to another brush. BrushKnob doesn’t need any specials protocols or drivers in order to, simply plug it in via USB and you’re ready to get started.

While the device may seem rather limited in functionality, for digital artists that need that extra boost to their creation workflow no other device can offer such a simple, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing solution.

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