Crap Jokes Toilet Roll

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Out of all the Christmas presents I got this year one of the was had to be crap… jokes toilet roll. £1.99 for a single toilet roll is criminally over priced unless there is some novelty factor to it and this one had jokes on it which would almost justify the price tag if it they were higher quality. The type of jokes you get on the roll are the typical Christmas cracker ones that everyone know already and get a light chuckle at best what’s worse is how the jokes get repeated throughout the roll so eventually you’ll get bored of the novelty aspect too.

Of course at the end of the day this is toilet roll and sadly it under performs in that department too, not only is it 1 ply but it’s a very coarse material and the perforations make each sheet 4 times bigger than a normal sheet of toilet paper. Sure it may be a joke present that isn’t any excuse for bad quality jokes and bad quality toilet paper.

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