D&AD New Blood (2014)

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D&AD New Blood is a show for graduate graphic designers, illustrators and other type of digital designers that is held in the old Spitalfields Market every year although this was my first time going to it. It was a lot bigger than I expected although not as big as New Designers in the Business Design Centre.


The Ravensbourne graphic design course was exhibiting their fine selection of work including a clever poster about discrimination of Muslims using perforations and cuts to display an infographic.


The Solent Illustration had a gorgeous display of graduate work featuring many different styles from the hand illustrated to the computer generated. Each illustration conveys a message and a story to the viewer, while illustration may not be as lucrative in terms of employment it’s a skill that can make work shine when used.


This project stood out to me for a number of reasons, one I think I have seen it before but more importantly it brings up an important issue, why are people embarrassed about vaginas?  Why is the penis so much more accepted in the media and vaginas are never to be mentioned without an alternative name for them. A pussy is a cat, a muff keeps your ears warm, a bush is to be kept in a garden. “A vagina is a sensitive spot not a sensitive subject”.


There was also a booth set up by agency JWT getting recent graduates to tackle one minute advertising briefs. It’s a great exercise to get you thinking as fast as possible, replace colour schemes and typography with snappy word play and crude illustrations all to show your ideas as fast as possible.


Another stand that stood out to me was the one that invested in 16 iPads to display their work to prospective employers. It’s an interesting idea that i’ve never seen executed before probably due to the expense but then again these can be used for many years to come. Each iPad on the upper row showed videos of the students work while the ones on the lower levels could be interacted with to see more specific information on the projects as well as the students themselves.

new blood - 9

Perhaps the one piece of work that stood out the most was one that had a warning sign on it saying it’s too naughty for New Blood, how could you not get interested by that? With a whopping 30% of web traffic being dedicated to adult sites you’d expect advertising costs to match. The majority of existing adverts on porn sites only advertise more porn, making it an massively untapped market for other brands. The poster is an advertisement for Polo mints that cleverly displays letters to show 2 similar words. By using these similar search terms advertisers can be more clever with what can be advertised where and turn accidental mistakes in typing in to potential traffic.

new blood - 10Finally when I saw this poster for OCD I could tell something was wrong so I went to go and adjust it only to realise that it’s wrong on purpose. How do you define OCD? Does wanting perfectly aligned boards mean you’re obsessive or does it mean you just want things to look right? The line seems to be very blurred between what counts as OCD and what doesn’t.

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