Designjunction: The Materials Library (2013)

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Materials library

Another place I have known about for a while but never been to is the materials library. As you can imagine it’s exactly what you think it is, a library full of materials ranging from wood to metal, plastics to glass and even smart materials which react to the environment or certain situations their put in.

2013-10-04 03.48.02

The team behind materials library also create their own materials and objects based which explore both the art and science behind what a material is as well as its function. While at Designjunction they let people take samples of wood which at first I thought were their business cards but wasn’t so I took pine, beech, poplar and birch as well as a business card. It seems that you can visit them but only if you have an appointment so soon I will book one and hopefully do a more in-depth review of them and what they stand for.

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