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Different devices are used by people in different ways, while it’s possible to edit videos on your smartphone people tend to prefer using a desktop device with a much bigger screen and more horsepower. But what if you had the ability to use your smartphones and tablets not as a replacement for your desktop device but as an extension of it, as something that that enhances your desk working experience?

Made by ex-Apple engineers Duet is an app that allows your device to act as a 2nd screen counterpart to your laptop/desktop. If you’re writing code and want the text editor on your iPad Duet can help with that, if you want to Skype with someone while you’re working on your desktop Duet can help with that too. Using the lightning cable to connect the two devices there is very little to no delay in using them simultaneously.

I find that I tend to use Duet more with my iPad than with my iPhone because of the larger screen size but it’s nice to know the option is there if I need it, just make sure you have a stand otherwise you’ll be doing a lot of looking down and picking up your 2nd screens. Priced at £15.99 this is certainly not cheap for an app but if you’re a professional that’s looking to get a bit more screen real estate without the hassle of a second monitor then this is definitely worth the initial price.

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