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Ecofont is a truetype (.ttf) font that was made by SPRANQ as a way to say money on printing by places small circles inside the letters to decrease the print area needed while still keeping the font legible. Now some people may think this is a good idea, the premise certainly is although it sort of borders along the lines of Chindogu as it does solve a problem but causes way too many more, the average person might not see these things as problems but in the world of typography every small detail matters. The likeliness that a type, graphic or any designer for that matter would use this is low because it fits in such a niche that it becomes difficult to use or very low on the list of fonts a designer would pick for a particular job

The Ecofont website boasts that companies using this font have saved money on printing and that the holes in the type are barely visible so it doesn’t get recognised as being their too much yet still performs its function. According to tests the Ecofont Arial 12pts show ink and toner savings of 28% although with extra savings options you can save up to 50% in paper too, one thing the don’t say is that this process is only really effective when printed using laser printers. It is viewed best at point sizes 10-12 as the holes in the type are not so obvious but when blown up to a larger point size that is when the holes become clear and might ruin a type.

Some might be wandering about the actual forme of Ecofont, is it an already existing font that someone added white circles too or was each and every letter, numeric and punctuation marked designed from scratch to create a new eco friendly type. It seems to be a series of types such as Verdana and Arial for use by the business man. In the end this does fulfil its function but perhaps there are better ways to be more eco friendly like not printing as much rather than using edited types to reduce ink consumption. In any case I’m sure this will be used by businesses but as for designers I see it being used very rarely to never

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Writting Vietnamese, Danish ok? or not?

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