FutureLearn: The Secret Power of Brands (2014)

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Introduction to week 1

Recently I finished The Secret Power of Brands for a second time and going to be receiving my certificate in the near future. While the majority of it was the same content as before it felt a lot better to have it span over 6 weeks than 10.

Introduction to week 1

As well as having discussions, watching videos and reading articles we were given a few small projects to do including a 300 – 500 word article about how to control a brand.

Week 6

This second time going through the course as well as a recent interview with an agency called Echo has opened my eyes to the world of branding and how I might have more in common with it than I first thought. When I design I design for the user. Who is this product for, what benefits does it provide and what impact will it have?

statement of participation

I have had a great time refreshing my knowledge in branding thanks to Futurelearn and UEA, if they run this course a third time I will definitely take part in it again.

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