General Assembly: User Experience immersive info session

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Last week I went to General Assembly to learn about the user experience course they run at the HQ in Farringdon. I arrived to find that GA only takes up one floor of the building and the event consisted of 3 people behind 3 desks although I was able to find out quite a bit about GA as well as the course in general.

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There are two user experience courses they offer with the most popular one being the immersive 9am – 5pm, all week for 8 weeks which can take you from knowing very little UX to being a sought after junior designer with 4 great portfolio pieces. The less popular course but the one I would do if I had the money is the user experience design course which has one session every week and lasts 12 weeks, this course is designed to teach you the basic of UX where by the end you have 1 portfolio project and understand the field of UX well enough to collaborate with and understand UX designers, developers and do personal projects in your own time.

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With both courses GA aims to get people understanding UX by meeting and talking with current designers as well as previous graduates and providing weekly talks / lectures to keep you inspired. You do have to work in your spare time to keep up with the course but that is expected from most high level university and industry courses.

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