iMakr Christmas party

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2013-12-12 19.23.51

Last Thursday I went to the iMakr Christmas party at the iMakr store in Farringdon it was a night filled with 3D printing talks, an interview with founder Sylvain Preumont (by me) and many glasses of wine in the red, white and pink variety.

2013-12-12 19.22.13

The talks showcased 5 new 3D printers available through iMakr as well as their capabilities while most of them were the traditional 3D printers 1 of them stood out (and it’s not the one in the picture above). The ZMorph is a CNC machine that just happens to be capable of 3D printing in plastic, chocolate, cake and other filaments although the outstanding part is that by simply changing the toolhead you can covert this machine in to a CNC milling machine! Although I have seen this before at the 3D Printshow with the addition of a laser cutter tool it’s amazing that this technology has been condensed in to a desktop printer and not an industrial sized machine.

2013-12-12 18.46.45

Of course no Christmas party is complete without a Christmas tree and decorations and since iMakr is a 3D printing store it’s only right that the decorations were 3D printed. We might have to wait a while until we can 3D print Christmas trees though.

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