iMakr @ Selfridges Grand Opening

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The world largest but still relatively small 3D printing shop iMakr in London has expanded its territory and gotten itself a space in Selfridges. I went along to the grand opening but was pretty disappointed with many things although most notably the size of their pop up shop, it was about the size of a corner space in a regular sized Selfridges shop with the 3D scanning booth taking up nearly 1/4 of the space.

2013-10-24 19.07.08

Most of what was on show are either 3D printers or 3D printed objects which makes sense considering what iMakr is however there were a few unexpected thing like the new Makerbot Digitizer 3D scanner which I had never seen before and was interested in it’s rotary style of scanning a full object. The Makerbot Replicator 2 was printing things from extruded sharks to template bracelets which people were free to have and the staff were very eager to get people in to 3D printing which I guess is the main purpose of the place in the first place.

2013-10-24 19.08.30

As someone that knows a great deal about 3D printing and has seen the iMakr store in Farringdon this was not very impressive however for those new to 3D printing this does provide a nice way to learn about it and maybe even inspire people to use their services. I just wished they lived up to the hype of a Grand Opening and at least had a whole shop to themselves as I had trouble finding the place and there isn’t a sign or anything to point out where it is, if you didn’t stumble upon it by accident or were told exactly where it is it I wouldn’t expect anyone to find this popup store. If you really want to be fascinated by 3D printing you should definitely check out the Farringdon store as for the Selfridges one … maybe I was expecting too much of it.

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