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Japanese pharmacy Kudawara received world wide notice when they revealed their logo. Although the aim was probably to use the ‘K’ in a clever way it unfortunately had a differant outcome to what they expected

“You of course could argue that the logo is fine and there are a lot of people in the world with dirty minds. But let’s get real: how this got through final client approval is anyone’s guess.” – Creative Bloq

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Alan Passos

In Brazilian Portuguese KU=ass Da=informal women vocabulary when to make a sex with a pênis wara= W sometimes have sound of V. Vara is a popular nome of stick, also Pênis. Then KU DA WARA is Ass make a sex with pênis.

6 years ago

Kudawara also sounds like a Swahili word “Kudarwa” which basically means to grope or feel up 😀

8 years ago

    Wewe nisaidie kunidarwa

    4 years ago

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