London Boat Show 2016: Outdoor Bean Bag

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After you’ve spent a small (or perhaps large) fortune on a boat as well as the constant maintenance work that comes with it you want to relax on the open seas and what better way to do that with a bean bag? No seriously.

The creatively named Outdoor Bean Bag is exactly what it sounds with just two exceptions the first being that it’s highly water resistant. Of course no matter how well your stitching skills are no textile product can ever be 100% waterproof but the Outdoor Bean Bag comes pretty close, not only does it use a premium water resistant fabric but the beans themselves are contained within a polyurethane bag so that even if you throw it overboard and don’t fish it out for a few hours all you need to do is leave it out in the sun and it will be as good as new.

The second and arguably more innovative feature has to do with the design of the beans themselves, when force is applied to the surface the beans spread out and maintain their shape as well as a solid structure, this means that whether you use it as a chair, sofa or even an oversized pillow it will always adapt to suit your level of comfort. Unlike memory foam, once a person gets off of the Outdoor Bean Bag it reverts back to its regular shape allowing you and multiple other people to each have a customised seating experience.

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