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2013-10-09 20.00.21

For a while I have been meaning to go to the Moo pop up shop in Shoreditch Boxpark so I thought this tech networking event they were putting on would be the perfect time to see it. I did see it for about a minute but was then told the event was not in the shop instead it was upstairs by a caribbean bar known as Cottons Rhum Shack. We were each given 2 drink tickets in the form of MiniCards so I took this opportunity to try some cocktails I had never had before while networking.

I met quite a few interesting people including 2 guys from UCL one of which is going to be involved in the 2nd design, make, sell challenge I will be taking part in. I also got some great advice on not under selling myself to clients and some websites I found useful for freelancing. O desk, E lance, People per hour. This was without a doubt the most successful networking event I have been to and will definitely go to more in the future especially the ones hosted by Moo.

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