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After playing Art Academy Sketchpad for the Wii U I suddenly remembered that the 3DS is a touch screen console that has been out a lot longer so surely that or it’s predecessor the DS must’ve had a good drawing game. After very little searching I saw that there were 3 Art Academy games with the first being on the DS and the other 2 being on the 3DS, I decided to buy New Art Academy instead of Pokemon Art Academy because it was more broad as to what you could create with it also it was cheaper.

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As I said in the previous review Art Academy Sketchpad doesn’t have any tutorials in it but thankfully New Art Academy does in fact it even has advance level tutorials which go in to more depth about things like how to mix specific colours, dry painting with a rag and creating textured effects.

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I tried out a beginner level tutorial and an advance level tutorial. The beginner level tutorial is divided in to 5 steps each of which teaching you a small bit of the process from how to add shadows and blending techniques to base foundations and how to add lighting. The advance ones expects you to know a bit about art techniques and ideally you should have done the beginner tutorials first to at the very least be familiar with the interface that being said you still have a little bit of handholding if you need it.

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After finishing all the lessons both beginner and advance there are even more lessons in the form of downloadable content which you have to pay for these lessons into a lot more detail such as life drawing, expressionism and how to paint like Monet. When you’re done with that you can even create your own lessons to share via streetpass or if you feel like chilling out a bit then there’s always the draw free mode where your (and the software designer’s) imaginations are the limit.

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Although the 3DS game has a lot more content on it there are still few differences between the actual tools available in both games such as the ability to use a smaller sketchpad to test drawings on before committing them to paper and the ability to easilly save your pictures for viewing either on the 3DS or on your computer via an SD card. Materials are still not very well represented digitally and there isn’t an undo option however New Art Academy feels a lot more like a finished game, sure it might not be the all inclusive drawing game I wanted it to be but it’s a lot easier to recommend this over Art Academy Sketchpad and i’m actually pleased with my purchase.

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