Nimuno Loops

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For many years Lego, Megablocks and other construction-based toys have helped spark creativity in the minds of kids and adults alike. While traditionally you are restricted to working with flat surfaces the adhesive-backed Nimuno Loops tape take all the fun of creating 3D models and can quite literally turn it on its head.

As well as being able to stick on to any surface the Nimuno Loops tape is flexible enough to create its own new surfaces to build off of and much like standard tape is easy to cut into whatever size pieces you need, most importantly though the Nimuno Loops tape works with any standard Lego block and with the receiver tape, can become part of an existing Lego model.

The tape is currently being crowdfunded on IndieGoGo and at the time of writing has already smashed its initial goal of $8000 with people having given a total of $1,531,290 while still having 10 days remaining.

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