The 3D era & Nintendo 3DS

No Comments March 29, 2011

nintendo 3ds

The 3D era had been a part of our lives for a very long time and has produced some of the best movies we have seen so far. The theory behind 3D is that it is basically 2 2D images put together to create depth and form a 3D image, Sky is bringing out a 3D service to its customers in the near future which lets customers watch the newest television programs in a whole new way.

The 3DS is the latest console by Nintendo and has stepped up the playing field for 3D technology by creating games that can be played without the need for special glasses. Despite this it is not the first time Nintendo has done a 3D portable games console as the Virtual Boy was a 3D console which had each eye see a different image in order to create the illusion of depth. A very interesting and advanced feature at the time though not what the console was made for as it was not called 3D Boy, the games were seen in black and red which many gamers found strange as the Gameboy Colour was out and if that could handle multi colours then why couldn’t the Virtual Boy.

The 3DS is another story though as you can instantly tell the depth of what is happening as soon as you turn the system on. Although it isn’t officially known how the 3D effect  is done on the new DS Sky does the effect by having two sensors in front of the original screen which create a 2nd screen based on what is happening in what has now become the background. By looking at the screen it is hard to say wether Nintendo do the same style as Sky and have a secondary screen in the background but none the less the images that are created make this new console stand out above the rest and prepares us for a new way to see the 3D age develop.

It has been said by Nintendo in numerous press conferences and one the health and safety section of the 3DS that viewing the games in 3D for too long will strain your eyes but as far as things go for me I dont feel any side effects from the feature. Perhaps one of the other new features which is bound to grow even more popular as time goes by is the use of taking 3D pictures. The only downside to this is that at the moment not enough screens on computers or televisions are 3D compatible so these can only be seen on a 3DS unless you are lucky to have a compatible screen.

Although this is not necessarily always a 3D feature, the console has the ability to scan AR (Augmented  Reality) card and use the data on them to create games or take photo of what is hidden beneath the code of the card. It is not known if the camera can only handle 3D AR cards or ones that have been made by a company other than Nintendo but even if it can’t there is still a huge potential for what can happen with this new feature. e – Reader card were the last generation equivalent on the Gameboy advance and DS where people could buy packs of special cards then scan then through a scanner that fits into the GBA port of the system and reads the data. Packs of cards were not available in the UK to my knowledge but as the UK got the 3DS released around the same time as in America and television episode from America come to us within weeks rather than months now it is very likely that we could be seeing new AR cards appear in stores by Nintendo or even a third party company that wants to join the bandwagon.

The last feature I will mention is the accelerometer, although it is not a 3D or even 2D feature in any way it has shaped technology by being included in the iPhone to achieve certain tasks, the Wii remote to help improve the accuracy of the remote while playing games and has even been seen on an early GBA game called Warioware Twisted. Warioware twisted had the player complete mini games of under ten seconds long each by doing certain gestures with the accelerometer i.e a golf mini game which needs you to put the ball in the hole would be done by raising the accelerometer then twisting it downwards just like using a real putter.

For now those are the majority of the features of the 3DS and what can be achieved with them, there are a few other like an SD card reader and mic output of special games but those have existed for a while and aren’t as new as the ones mentioned. Overall I would say this gets a 8 to 9/10 simply because at the end of the day it is a glorified DS, it costs a bit too much at the moment (I payed £179.99 for mine, same as a Wii costed), not all the features are at their full potential yet and the games that were hyped at the E3 conference last year such as Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time, Mario Kart and Kid Icarus were not released with the console and are to be expected in the summer instead. If the 3DS existed without any other forms of DS existing before hand then it would definitely be a 10/10 game console, sadly as long as a console by Nintendo has two screens it will be refereed to as a DS and if they go back to one then it would become a Gameboy and seem like a step back in technology, three screens seems a bit excessive so it seems as if DS is the final form of handheld Nintendo consoles. Though one thing about Nintendo is that no matter what they sure do surprise you and I guarantee that whatever comes after the 3D era we would never have predicted it.