Adventures in Prague: Full Capacity Internship

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As stated before the main reason why I was in Prague was to take part in a three month internship at a studio called Full Capacity.

While I was there the studio was preparing their Silent Lab exhibition for Milano Expo which myself and another intern Sæunn helped with by doing minor things such as designing graphics for the company van as well as promotional material to hand out during the event. Unlike a lot of agencies the bulk of Full Capacity’s work is self initiated with client projects being the minority and more focus on self initiated projects such as Silent Lab.

After the initial period of helping out we were set our projects which we did for the rest of the internship, mine was to design the brand for a forest kindergarten. A forest kindergarten is exactly what it sounds like it is a kindergarten based in the forest, the idea behind it is that children are being overprotected and need to experience first hand the wonders that nature has to offer while they’re still young, while it may not be a traditional way of learning it’s gained a cult following around the world and it seems to be working.

Throughout the project we got to visit the forest kindergarten in Psáry and gather research to help solidify our designs, I don’t remember how many documentaries i’ve watched about forest kindergartens but the premise is fascinating and i’m proud to have worked on such an amazing project. Throughout the course of the project I was given smaller projects to juggle at the same time including the redesign of the company business card, design of an invitation and even the creation of presentation slides to use when pitching to clients.

With the large amount of work being done for Milano Expo we were almost fully working on these projects independently with the occasional feedback from creative director Jan Rolník because of this the office vibe felt similar to when I was at university which could be seen as both good and bad depending on how you look at it, personally I would’ve liked more feedback and direction but I also liked being responsible for my own projects again.

Overall the internship itself was a great experience and given the right situation I would be more open to working in another country in the future.