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Different devices are used by people in different ways, while it’s possible to edit videos on your smartphone people tend to prefer using a desktop device with a much bigger screen and more horsepower. But what if you had the ability to use your smartphones and tablets not as a replacement for your desktop device but as an extension of it, as something that that enhances your desk working experience?

pixo - 1

Made by ex-Apple engineers Duet is an app that allows your device to act as a 2nd screen counterpart to your laptop/desktop and while it does a great job of it digitally it relies on you either using a stand or having to look down at your device while working which can have quite a big impact on the physical experience.

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Seeing this industrial designer Oscar Diaz and his studio have launched a product called PIXO, a magnetic table mount that lets you attach your tablet to your computer and use it as a second display. The PIXO works with a large amount of Apple products supporting iMac’s from as far back as 2004 any iPad (excluding the 1st generation) regardless of size.

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While the PIXO looks good in theory there are a few things that concern me in practice such as the lack of a hinge, this means that if like me you work in a corner or perhaps you prefer your 2nd screens at an angle, unfortunately, you’re going to either have to adapt or find an alternate solution, if there is enough demand for flexibility while working then I’m sure we can see the introduction of a hinge in V.2. My 2nd gripe is more to do with something PIXO can’t help, it’s reliance on Duet. Unless you want to use your iPad with iOS you’re going to have to spend £15.99 to buy Duet in order to use it as intended, and while Duet is a well reliable app (it was made by 2 ex-Apple engineers) if for some reason it stops being reliable then PIXO will suffer because of it.

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Despite all this, I still got giddy when I saw it and have already pre-ordered it on Kickstarter. If you’re in need of some new screen real estate and want to see this product come to life head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge £25 to get your own PIXO.

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