Rave DPI 2014: External show

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Last Thursday evening was the external show for the Ravensbourne Product & Interaction design course at the Hoxton Gallery having graduated last year from the same course how could I not go? The gallery itself was a lot larger than anything you would see at New Designers or New Blood and they certainly used the space well giving guests the room browse and mingle in a very creative environment.

rave dpi 2014 external show - 2

After catching up with some friends I went around the exhibition and picked out some highlights that I thought i’d share. First up has to be the student of the year Daryl Humphrey who came up with an innovative new packaging design solution for tablet based medicine. By using perforations and a light tac adhesive it’s never been simpler to get your medicine.

rave dpi 2014 external show - 3

Perhaps the most striking was the Strike Master by Jo Tharmaseelan. Strike the illuminated pads at the right time then once you’re used to the rhythm increase the difficulty via the app and very soon you will find yourself be faster, stronger, fitter.

rave dpi 2014 external show - 4

Picking up leaves is one of those problems you don’t usually think about but Ross Whillis has thought about it and he designed a leaf retriever which actually works. After a lot of experimentation with different shapes he found that a cylindrical drum with combs on the surface was the best methods of both picking and disposing the leaves.

rave dpi 2014 external show - 5

Another project that caught my eye was a packaging solution by Fatima Raza for families to enjoy festive picnics during the summer. Packing a picnic can be hard as different people want different things however a store based solution of multiple themed packs can solve this problem for the right price.

rave dpi 2014 external show - 6

Finally comes Annabelle Murguet and her colourful stories. This app tells the user a visual story through colourful illustrations, by using red or green filters you can hide or reveal certain elements which change the stories narrative. Just like A Book for Two this takes the classic idea of storytelling and turns it on it’s side although I would like to see a physical version of colourful stories.

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