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Instead of trying to fool people every year on April Fools day Reddit creates a social experiment for users to take part in, last year’s was The Button this years is known as Place. On the sidebar of the front page is a link to a new subreddit called /r/place.

Essentially the idea is that people can place 1 pixel down onto the board in a variety of colours and after 5 minutes you can do this again, this repeats until the experiment is over. After a while people¬†start to make stuff with the pixels on the board but others try to get rid of what you make, as you only have access to 1 pixel every 5 minutes if you want to keep something up on the board you’ll be forced to work with other Redditors¬†to continually redraw the same image.While it only lasted 72 hours the experiment was something that got widespread attention and people are already trying to create their own clones of /r/place.

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