Subtleties of Czech Culture: Prague Metro Stations

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While living in Prague I found that quite a lot of things people consider to be a boring part of their everyday lives are actually pretty interesting to those who haven’t experienced them, one such example is the design of the Metro stations in Prague.

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The use of anodised metal to make patterns and signage is quite striking especially when you realise that every station has a distinct colour palette that has a lot of hidden design detail embedded into it.

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Beyond the front-facing aesthetic layer if you know what to look for you can actually read the patterns in shapes and colours to see where you are in relation to the city centre and what lines connect to the station you’re currently at.

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The best example of this can be seen at Mustek, Muzeum and Flora stations where the mass number of concave domes indicates the density of the area they reside in, central Prague.

prague metro - 5With clever use of colour, people can also identify which lines can be connected to via the current station. While the Green line uses domes to show these different lines have methods such as the red lines use of rectangular tiling.

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Due to the level of design detail being so subtle it wouldn’t surprise me to find that even few of the local residents know of this little life hack, but if you’re ever in Prague and need a little help navigating just remember to look at the station’s walls and you might get a hint.

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