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BleepBleeps is a tech startup company that designs products aimed at every aspect of parenting from getting pregnant to looking after a newborn baby. After the success of their first product Sammy Screamer BleepBleeps has returned back to the crowdfunding scene with a new product Suzy Snooze.

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In collaboration with Mumsnet and Sleepio Suzy Snooze is the first smart baby monitor, sleep trainer and nightlight all in one. When your child is ready to go to sleep simply push down on Suzy’s hat and she will play a lullaby while comforting them with a warm, friendly nightlight to help them drift to sleep.

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Once asleep you can use the BleepBleeps app to turn Suzy into a baby monitor and keep an eye on your child through the night, as well as an alarm clock so that children know when to get up and start the day anew.

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I may not have any children myself but I know that the experience of being a parent is never easy, while it may seem quite expensive what you’re getting is a smart, easy to use device that will make your job easier and maybe even let you catch up on those missed hours of sleep.

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